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Serving the Credit Union industry over 40 years!


    Credit Unions want to help their members and so do we. We are ready to help you with the challenges created by COVID-19.

    Conmarsystems has created form documentation for SKIP PAYMENTS, ZERO PERCENT Initial APR for loans and mortgage modifications to decrease payment amount or defer payments.

    Contact us at sales@conmarsystems.com or give us a call. We are providing this documentation to licensed clients at no charge.



    Contact your representative about commercial lending documents for approved loans under the Payroll Protection Program.

    Contact us at sales@conmarsystems.com or give us a call. We are providing this documentation to licensed clients at a reduced charge.


    All of our documents are compatible with the nation’s leading data processors, loan operating systems or third-party processors. Our forms will follow your credit union wherever you go allowing a seamless transition to a new data processor or LOS system. Your forms are only one piece of the puzzle so have peace of mind about switching systems should the need arise.

  • Building Success
    Building Success

    We believe the key to long-term success is a combination of excellence in our products, the team work of our employees and the partnership we develop with our clients. We are committed to the pursuit of leadership within our industry, not to be the biggest, but to be the best. By providing innovative products competitively priced for the market, knowledgeable pre-sale and post-sale customer support and compliance of those forms is what keeps Conmar on top.

With Conmar's Compliance Services you are protected.  Our documents comply with regulations on the day delivered and continue well into the future. If regulations change that affect the specific forms we provide, we will notify the credit union through our Compliance Digest, update those forms accordingly within the time frames as dictated by the final rule and send updated forms to your processor (electronic forms). Pre-printed or paper forms are updated as well and reprinted accordingly upon authorization of the credit union to reprint.

Keep in mind, if credit union policy/operations change that affect the forms we provide, we must be notified of such changes in order to update the forms (if needed) with your new terms and keep you above reproach from the examiners.

Compliance Support
For answers on document selection, form usage and compliance questions regarding the forms we provide, contact your Conmar representative directly. You can also call/email our main office at 800-227-4931 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Compliance Digests
Current clients are informed about compliance and regulation changes thru our Compliance Digest email subscription. If the regulations change that affect the forms we provide, you’ll be updated with information about the changes along with our plan to roll out the new changes.

Compliance Warranty
In addition, our $5 million compliance warranty covers the credit union in the event of a loss due to a compliance defect.

Conmar provides numerous individual and/or packaged form products. Please fill out a Request for Proposal for the specific form you are looking for so we can provide you with information tailored to your needs.

About Us

ConmarSystems is a nationwide leader developing and maintaining compliant lending and operational documents specific to the Credit Union industry for over 40 years. With special attention to suit each client’s operational work flow, lending policy, field of membership and compliance.

Our core products include Member Services, Consumer Lending, Mortgage Lending, Business Membership, Commercial Lending and any operational forms used in day to day operations. Our forms meet the needs of any size credit union, from the smallest to the largest. We're helping more than 700 clients’ nationwide deliver compliant lending form solutions to their members in a digital world that is ever evolving.