MDIA Compliance - contains the lastest changes to MDIA (Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act). Included are samples of the affected forms.

ConmarSystems offers an in-compliance service that keeps your forms up-to-date with your state laws.  

As laws change, so do your forms.  For a minimal yearly fee, we provide updates to your forms as the rules change. Compliance is primarily for Federal Regulation Z for consumer lending, but we also monitor Regulations D, E, C, CC, E, M, and B. 

With Conmar's Compliance Services you are protected.  Since Conmar maintains the form, we are responsible for keeping it up-to-date. 

With Conmar's understanding of the regulations you don't have to research what the implications of a law change are going to be and how they affect you.  We change verbiage to meet current and future requirements.

Conmar gives you Peace of Mind in your forms.  When you use a form you don't want to be thinking about whether it is correct or not.


2019-06-19 Compliance Digest - URLA - June 2019

2017-11-15 Compliance Notice URLA and DIA

2017-08-25 FORM 1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA)


2015-10-01 TILA\RESPA Integrated Disclosure - Delay in Effective Date

2015-08-15 Know Before You Owe

2015-08-01 TILA\RESPA Integrated Disclosure - Update

2014-03-01 Compliance Notice - Form Changes

2014-01-10 Federal Home Booklet

2013-09-06 Right of Applicant to Receive Copy of Appraisal Report

2013-08-29 ARM Notice Requirements

2013-08-19 Transforms Multi-Featured Lending

2013-02-19 Georgia Title Tax

2012-10-03 CFPB Technical Changes

2012-07-30 Simplified Loan Agreement and NCUA Letter Notice

2012-01-10 Credit Card Disclosure

2011-07-21 Compliance changes

2011-06-07 Risk Based Pricing Notice - Proposed Changes

2011-05-09 Garnishment compliance notice- form

2011-04-26 New Garnishment Exemption

2011-04-26 Adverse Action Risk Pricing, Funds Avail, FYI Notice

2011-02-11 Compliance comments Open End July 2010 Reg Z

2011-01-17 compliance digest 16 MDIA

2010-10-26 compliance digest 14 Short Term Small Loans

2010-09-13 compliance digest 12 card act final reminder

2010-08-18 compliance digest 11 July 2010 Risk Pricing

2010-02-18 compliance digest 10 Punch List February 2010