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ConmarSystems Equityline product is beneficial to medium to smaller Credit Unions that don't wish to purchase high-end Data Processing systems just to provide simple lending services.

You decide what services you wish to provide, and we help you determine what forms are required.

Your package is customized to your situation and couldn't be simpler to use. An Adobe PDF will be sent to you on CD or via email. A workstation, using Adobe READER, can then fill-in the forms, print them out, and save the data. Simple calculations can be done, or if requested, more robust calculations can also be programmed. Basic data mining can also be accomplished using Equityline.

Don't worry about having to learn a new program. If you can hand-fill a form, this product is intuitive to use. In fact, it is faster to use since information entered auto-populates other areas in the different forms. For example, once you input the Applicant's Name you won't have to enter it again on the other forms since the forms themselves are data linked and will carry that information over.

We have over 150 Credit Unions currently using this product.

This product also falls under our compliance umbrella, meaning that it is not static and will be updated along with the forms that are used in your Data Processing system.